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Our services are designed with you in mind.  We are here to support businesses at different stages of the growing cycle.  What's best about our services is that we can scale as you scale.  You may only need bookkeeping today, but as your business grows, our services evolve with you, to continue giving you the support you need.

You didn't start your business to handle your own bookkeeping.  As your business grows, your time is needed elsewhere and that is where we come in! 


We are positioned to be your outsourced accounting team to take over the day to day handling of your accounting tasks to ensure your accounting system is kept up to date, clients are invoiced, vendors and contractors are paid, and your business is operating smoothly.


Your accounting system will be kept up to date and your accounts fully reconciled.  Receive monthly reports to view your business performance with the reassurance that they will be accurate and tax ready. 


We will handle the communication of your vendors to receive the relevent paperwork and process their payments once approved by yourself.


Ensure your clients are invoiced so you can get paid in a timely manner and keep the cash flowing in your business.


We will make sure your team gets paid!  Whether they are an employee or contractor, we will request all relevant paperwork, manage payroll taxes and filings, and make sure everything is compliant.


Have a CFO at your fingertips!  Voxer has become really popular with our clients because it allows you to get the support you need when you need it.  Ask questions on the go or be able to talk through issues or ideas and get strategic and financial guidance in a timely manner.

Our services range between $500- $3,750 a month

depending on size of business, volumn of scope, and services selected.

We are only taking on new clients for bookkeeping and strategy sessions.  Click below to find out more.

"Working with Lou has taken a huge weight off my shoulders."
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Ready to get started?

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