The Bookkeeper's Coach

Louise is...

You've started your own bookkeeping business!  AMAZING!
But starting a new business most likely means venturing into the unknown with lots of questions and uncertainties along the way.
Wouldn't it be great to have a coach to help you answer your qusestions?
Have a coach that is not only a CFO in her 9-5, but who has also built a successful accounting business.
Louise has over 10 years as a finance professional, working predominantly in the advertising and marketing industry.  Her career started in London, UK, where she eventually became the Worldwide Controller reviewing the finances of 9 offices globally.   
When she came to America, not only did her career continue to progress, but she caught the entrepreneurial spirit!  Friends who owned their own business started to ask her finance questions, and then they referred her to their business friends, and the next thing she knew she had clients!  
Although Louise has a credible background in accounting and finance, she still had to learn and understand how to set up a business in a different country.  She needed to understand the tax and legal structures, as well as the best way to operate to build a business that was efficient and profitable.  All while working a 9-5 job.
Louise has the professional experience but she has also been where you are at, starting her business from the start and working with different clients in different industries and finding out the best way to grow an accounting business.

"Starting my own business has been empowering but it certainly comes with trials and tribulations.  Each client will have different requirements and each industry and different bookkeeping treatment so having a resource to ask questions will help you save time trying to figure it out.

There isn't a 'one size fits all' which is why I didn't want to create a course or have a group program,  I wanted assist those who have started a bookkeeping business with real time client questions or specific bookkeeping training to continuing learning, growing, and better servicing their clients.

Having a resource that can be a support, your cheerleader, or mentor will help not only take your business to the next level but yourself as a bookkeeper and business owner.


Unlimited Voxer and email support to help with bookkeeping questions, client onboarding, and process implementation.
Monthly 45-min coaching calls to discuss current client work, new client onboarding, bookkeeping training, or process implementation.

Jump on a discovery call to see if Louise as your coach is the right fit for you!

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