Have you been thinking about starting your own bookkeeping business but not sure how?

Bookkeeper Business Academy

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This isn't another course for you to purchase and not complete or mastermind to attend but not take action.
This is a 1:1 program that gives you the guidance and accountability to get your bookkeeping business set up that is customized to how you want to operate.
Learn from someone who has a successful accounting business and is a CFO in her 9-5 job.
Louise has over 10 years as a finance professional, working predominantly in the advertising and marketing industry.  Her career started in London, UK, where she eventually became the Worldwide Controller reviewing the finances of 9 offices globally.   
When she came to America, not only did her career continue to progress, but she caught the entrepreneurial spirit!  Friends who owned their own business started to ask her finance questions, and then they referred her to their business friends, and the next thing she knew she had clients!  
Although Louise has a credible background in accounting and finance, she still had to learn and understand how to set up a business in a different country.  She needed to understand the tax and legal structures, as well as the best way to operate to build a business that was efficient and profitable.  All while working a 9-5 job.
Roll forward 2 years and Louise has been able to build and create both.  

"Starting my own business has been empowering but it certainly comes with trials and tribulations.  There are so many different ways to operate a business and it's about finding the right structure and model for you.  

There isn't a 'one size fits all' which is why I created this program to personally help others build something for themselves.  To not only have the support and accountability to setup their business but to have the guidance as your business develops from the start.


What is included

8 hours of 1:1 set up time
These are completed over 2 VIP days
  •  contract management system
  • scheduling tool
  • services to offer
  • hourly rate and pricing
  • client onboard process
  • project and task management
Step by step plan
  •  coming up with a business name
  • apply for LLC
  • get an EIN
  • open a business bank account
  • contracts and agreements*
  • what to say on discovery calls
  • what insurance does your business need
  • setting boundaries with clients
6 months of unlimited Voxer support to help with bookkeeping questions, client onboarding, and process implementation.
Up to 20% off system subscriptions.
* templates at a discounted rate from a legal partner
The VIP package also includes monthly consulting calls and bookkeeping training and coaching to assist with real client queries.
Are you serious about starting your business?
Are you ready to invest in yourself?
Then what are you waiting for?

Enrolment will be limited to 5 spots at a time and by invitation only.

Jump on a discovery call with Louise to make sure the program is the right fit for you!

Standard Package $997

VIP Package $1,475

This program is currently in beta testing and will be asking candidates to provide feedback and testimonial.  This pricing is available for the beta testing period only and will be doubling in February 2021.

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