What if I told you that setting up your dream company is just within your reach?

If starting a business and managing its finances seems too complicated, too intimidating, or better left to people with an accounting degree, I’m here to help you make your dreams a reality today! 

I’m Louise, an experienced accountant with a passion for helping small business entrepreneurs set up their companies, ensuring efficiency and profitability. I’ve spent years learning the tricks of the trade, and I’m offering in-depth insight and practical steps for starting your company in this Business Starter Guide.

In this e-book, you’ll learn how to establish good habits from the start, setting yourself up for success! 

  • LEARN how to read your numbers, how to categorize correctly, and how to forecast. 

  • APPLY this knowledge to your own business and see how the different areas of finance work together. 

  • When you apply the skills in this e-book, your business is sure to THRIVE.


I'm saying no to fear. I want to start my business now!

What's inside this Business Starter Guide:

  • Decide which legal business structure is right for you

  • Everything you need to know about registering your business

  • A step-by-step guide to getting an Employer Identification Number

  • Things to consider before opening a bank account + practical steps for opening your business bank account

  • Choosing the right accounting system for your business

  • Develop a plan to review sales

  • Set yourself up for financial freedom by managing expenses

  • Top tips for creating a realistic budget

  • Top tips for creating a realistic budget

  • Manage your cash flow strategically

  • Get paid! Advice on setting your salary

  • Be prepared for tax season

  • Learn about the different types of taxes that apply to your business

  • Find out if you need to pay estimated tax payments

  • Tax deductions: 5 things (nearly) everyone can expense, and 3 (almost) everyone can’t 

  • Financial statements: understanding profit and loss and balance sheets

  • A bookkeeping checklist to keep you on track

With this Business Starter Guide, your company is on the path to success from Day 1. What are you waiting for? Download this guide and build your dream!

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