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No matter your business stage, from startup to expansion, finance-related questions are inevitable.


Searching online often leads to generic answers that don’t address your specific challenges or reflect the unique context of your business. Reliable, tailored financial guidance can be hard to come by.

Access reliable and tailored financial guidance with our CFO Hotline, helping you understand your finances better and make confident, informed decisions for your business.

 Louise helps to make the information digestible and easy to understand. I apreciate she acts as a coach for me and holds me and my business accountable for our financial goals. The insight she provides is invaluable and is something you can't get from an accounting software. Definitely a great investment!

becca - social media management

Can you help me understand my financial statements better?

What can I deduct in my business?

My CPA is asking for X.  Can you help?

What do I need to do to bring on my first hire?

How can I improve my cash flow?

Louise took the time to educate me in a fun and non-intimidating manner, giving me the confidence, smarts, and tools to run my business both efficiently and effectively.

dala - interior designer

Expert financial support

No more hoping that you'll find the right answer on the internet.  Ask questions based on your specific financials.  

Direct Access

No need to wait for a call or clutter your calendar with yet another meeting.  Ask your questions with 1:1 communication.

Confidence in business

Feel supported when making financial decisions in your business, knowing that you have a finance partner in your business.

Get the financial support you need that is accessible and affordable

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Hello friends!

Hello! With nearly 15 years of experience in the field, I've focused on helping entrepreneurs improve their profitability and manage their cash flow effectively.

I understand that finance can be daunting, filled with uncertainties and confusion about what the numbers mean or how to handle financial challenges effectively.

That's why I wanted to provide entrepreneurs with the CFO Hotline.  But think of me as more than just a resource for quick questions—I'm here as your on-demand finance partner, ready to assist whenever you need clarity or support in making informed business decisions.


Let's tackle the financial challenges of your business together with confidence and ease.

Can't wait to be your new Best Finance Friend!

 - Louise

Working with Louise has changed the way I view what's possible in my business. I'm approaching my money management with the eyes of a CEO for the first time.

andi - content creator

CFO Pricing


20% off

limited time
Use Code:

Access to Lou for all your business finance questions


Review documents and financials


Private Slack channel


Voxer, Email, and Text Communication


Share access to QuickBooks Online for direct review and insight

Exclusive access to Lou's calendar when calls are available 



per month



per month

She has been an asset to running a business with her expertise and overall support. Not only has she helped with keeping aspects of the business afloat she maintains a great relationship overall and is extremely personable.

cora  - tailor alternations

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