Categorizing Your Expenses

As an entrepreneur, you’re constantly faced with decisions on where to spend and where to save. If you’ve made the decision to manage your own finances, but need a little help, Categorizing Your Expenses is your go-to guide with all the information you need to be your own bookkeeper.

We know that not everyone has or needs a full in-house accounting department, so we created Categorizing Your Expenses as an A-Z costing guide to help you stay organized, consistent, and accurate as you manage your own accounting. Use this resource to look up costs incurred by your business, and find out how to code them in your accounting system.

Whether your company is one day or 100 years old, bookkeeping is an integral part of running a business.

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As you review and reconcile your accounts, you’ll need to assign a category to every expense. Some are straightforward. For example, when you pay a lawyer, it’s a legal fee. However, some categories aren’t so simple. Instead of paying a bookkeeper, keep your finger on the pulse of your business by categorizing and reconciling expenditures on your own. These categories can help you visualize spending trends on your profit and loss statement and are especially helpful when tax time rolls around.

What are the benefits of doing my own bookkeeping


How do I code that?

Here’s a sampling of coding questions you’ll find answers to in Categorizing Your Expenses:

● When is shipping considered postage and when is it categorized as cost of sale?

● I got a parking ticket while on the job… How should I code that?

● Which contractors should receive a 1099? 

● How should I categorize tax payments?

● Do my accounting software and social media software fall under the same category?

You don’t need an accounting degree to accurately keep financial records.

You don’t need an accounting degree to accurately keep financial records… We've captured all the important information in one detailed document with everything you need to know. 

Access for Life

When you purchase Categorizing Your Expenses, you get access for life. As technology advances, so will this resource. And if you have a specific question, there’s a Cost Request button built in, so the guide will grow with you. We’ll answer your question and add it to the list so everyone benefits from this comprehensive resource.

I’m ready to be my own bookkeeper!

Download Categorizing Your Expenses and gain the confidence that comes from managing your own finances!

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