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Do you want to wait for financial growth, or plan for it?

Financial strategy is planning with intention.  

Building a forecast allows you have direction, clarity, and understanding of how YOU want to operate your business.

When you don't know your numbers you're letting your business take control and that is where the uncertainty and anxiety comes from.

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Get a visual plan on how to grow your business and achieve goals!

  • Identify expenses

  • Know your sales targets

  • Incorporate your financial goals

  • Grow your profit

  • Save for taxes

  • Strengthen cash reserves


Financial Strategy

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This is the only way to work with Louise one-on-one


  • Custom build financial modelling and plan

  • Sales forecast

  • Itemized expenses budget

  • Profitability review

  • Cash flow forecast

  • Tax saving plan

  • Short and long term goal planning

  • Accounting system audit

  • Recording and transcript of strategy session


  • 3-months following strategy session

  • Monthly financial review calls

  • Unlimited Voxer and email support

What's included

Event & Planning


Fine Jewelry


PR & Media


"Lou is such a blessing.  She has the heart of a teacher who helps you understand your finances and empowers you to see the potential through the numbers.  She patiently walks through all components of your financial picture and provides workbook that is easy to utilize and maintain.  During the session I was able to see the possibility of new goals for growth, which I felt were lofty.  Knowing my numbers has sparked new energy in my business and how I show up as a CEO.  I am extremely grateful for her and her team and look forward to continuing to work with them."

"Working with TFA during this strategy session really helped us get deep in the weeds with our finances. It uncovered so much within the business that had we not taken the time to dive into numbers with TFA we would have never found out. Ultimately, this strategy session was the start of increasing our business profitability. It also helped take the emotion out of business as well as make informed decisions that were rooted in financial strategy. That was something we hadn't done before."

"Lou is not only a genuine human, but she's so knowledgeable about her craft. The tools and insights that she provided to me in our strategy session was so eye-opening in the best way and made me feel so confident about where my business stands (simply because I finally knew my numbers better!) My favorite thing that I received from this session was a clear path on how I could move forward in my business. Based on the numbers, I was able to answer a lot of questions that I've been asking myself about decisions I've been wanting to make for the business, but just wasn't that I could move forward on them because I didn't have a good pulse on my financials. Now I do. Thanks to Lou!"

Investment at $5,425

(50% deposit required to secure date.  Remaining 50% due 3 days before the strategy date)

Are you ready to get financial visibility and strategy on how to grow your business?

Please apply below to get availability

"Working with Lou has taken a huge weight off my shoulders."
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Reach out to us here. Let’s get to know each other and find out how our team can support yours.

We’ll create the perfect custom package for your team that can be adjusted anytime. 

We become an extension of your team and start managing your finances after a brief onboarding process.

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Ready to get started?

LET'S CONNECT ON INSTAGRAM: @the_finance_agency

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