3 ways to help keep productivity high when working from home

Whether you own your own business or you are an employee,  there is a strong possibility that working from home is in your future (if it's not already happening). When I work from home, I have to change my mindset, my approach, and my habits, because it takes extra effort to be production when I'm in my home.  There are far too many distractions that can easily take me away from my work. When you're sat at your desk at work, your mind gets into work mode and it's easy to concentrate on your job.  You're in work surroundings with work people.  You don't think about putting on the dishwasher or filling up your car because you're not in that space.


Trying to work from your sofa, in front of the TV isn't going to happen.  When you are normally in front of the sofa, your mind is programmed to watch TV, to relax, to be at ease.  It's why it's easy to fall asleep in front of the TV.  Your mind isn't going to want to work when you're in that setting. Choose a dedicated area, away from obvious distractions that could keep you from completing tasks in an efficient manner.  Make sure that you have everything you need to keep you on track so you don't need to keep getting up and breaking your concentration or focus.


It's unrealistic to think that you will be working on your business or for your company between 9am-5pm, and only having a dedicated lunch hour to take a break.  However, you still have tasks to complete and deadlines to meet.  Set blocks of time where you will focus solely on work.  Breaking up the day in achievable pieces will help keep you focused, knowing that you have a break coming up.  


In every work situation, you have a list of tasks, and in some cases a deadline that it must be completed by.  When you're not in your usual work environment your everyday triggers and reminders may not help you. List out what you expect to achieve in your week and then divide out by day, then by the block of time you've allocated for yourself.   By assigning tasks in smaller pieces will help you keep responsibility on track throughout the week so you meet your deadlines.

Remember that working from home doesn't necessarily mean vacation.  

You have a great opportunity to work on areas of your business you've been putting off or to create new content or product/services to grow your business.  Your audience will still want to connect with you, more than ever, and it's about keeping present so you don't miss a beat when the current situation passes.

As an employee you still have a commitment to your employer, and they are trusting and relying on you to keep operations moving forward as everyone navigates through this period of uncertainty.

Set yourself up for success in working from home by implementing the aforementioned ways to be more production.

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