5 deductions everyone should take (and 3 you shouldn’t)

When it comes to businesses expenses, are you deducting all that you could from your axes? Are you sure you’re deducting the right items?

Here are 5 things (nearly) everyone can expense, and 3 that (almost) everyone can’t:


- Advertising: social media ads, business cards

- Giveaways


- Continuous development

- Webinars

- Conferences (including travel!)

Office Related

- Website hosting, domain name

- Square footage in your home used as office space

- Office suppllies

Contract Labor For Your Business

- Photographer

- Website designer

- Virtual assistant


- Staff parties (all staff must be included)

- Meals with clients (50% of cost only)


- Except for a uniform, clothing cannot be deducted. Even if it’s used as part of your advertising e.g. Instagram posts, fashion blogs


- Haircuts / Shaves

- Manicures / Pedicures

- Make up: products nor services (unless you’re a make up artist using the make

up to perform make up services for clients)

Whole Home / Rent Payment

- Only the space used as your office at home can be used as a deduction.

There are 2 ways to calculate:

- $5 per square foot

- % equivalent to office space to overall property.

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