I Almost Gave It All Up

I have always loved my job, and when I knew that I wanted to start my own business helping others, I knew how I wanted to structure my business. I built out my business plan, based on my 8 years being in corporate finance, and was ready to take it out into the world on my own.

I started getting clients and slowly was making money, but 6 months in I wasn’t enjoying what I was doing. I didn't feel connected to my craft as I did in my 9-5. It didn’t inspire, it didn’t motivate, and it made me reluctant to continue.

In fact, I even said ‘this isn’t for me’ and felt like I failed. I had gotten so caught up on the idea that this is how it is or that was it, that I almost gave it all up!

Unfortunately, I cannot pin point what changed my mindset, but I decided to pivot. I adjusted my program structure, altered my target audience, and changed my marketing tactics.

That didn’t feel exactly right so I tried again.

I was getting closer.

I allowed myself to listen to my business, my audience, to tell me what they wanted from me and to pivot until I found the balance between servicing my community and doing something I love.

I’ll tell you though, I didn’t just change once, or twice. I was continuously adjusting, trying

something new, seeing how my audience reacted. I kept listening and now I’m in a place which feels balanced, that provides me with much joy, that works for me.

It also takes time. I didn’t get to this position over night. Not just with finding the right purpose but to test out the changes. You can’t change your program or offering and expect to see results after a week. I tested with my current clients that came on the journey with me. I modified my program to discovered what worked and what didn’t.

To think that this was something that I almost gave up because I was too stubborn to make this work any other way makes me grateful I was open-minded and kept going. It's not something that you can force, so let it grow organically.

It all takes time. Embrace change in your business. It could lead you somewhere amazing!

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