"I want to make you an offer"

Those who know me, know I am a HUGE fan of Shark Tank. It takes my husband and I an extra 30 minutes to get through one episode because we pause, share our opinions on those pitching, discuss the offers that the Sharks present, and make bets on what the outcome will be. 

But what I love most about the show is not just the carefully presented pitches or the infamous Shark Tank shut-downs. It’s the numbers.  I wait with much anticipation when the Sharks sit there, all in a row, focused on the task at hand and someone confidently asks: “And what about the sales?”

From that question I can tell right away whether the person standing in front of them has a grasp on their finances or not. And, when they reel off the numbers with conviction, and they say all the right things, the Sharks unfailingly take a bite. 

It excites me because it highlights exactly what I do as The Finance Coach. Not every business owner knows their numbers - and that’s understandable. Analyzing your profit margins, sales, costs and overheads  isn’t just challenging - it’s stressful, too.

But, for your business to succeed, this simply cannot be avoided. The numbers tell you how your business is performing which can help tremendously with knowing what your next step should be, and without them you're running your business blind.

Don’t freak out. The enjoyment I get guiding people through this process is as much as sinking into the sofa with a bowl of popcorn to watch the best show in the world. 

So whether you’re hoping to catch a shark, minnow or salmon, I’m here to set you up with the juiciest bait of all: numbers!

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