Implementing Dubsado

Running a small business involves a lot of moving parts. Mine required manual document creation, managing email correspondence and follow up, and making sure the information is consistent during the different stages of the process. Each aspect was working smoothly on its own, but I needed a way to tie it all together.

After researching multiple business management solutions, I chose and implemented Dubsado and wish I had implemented it a lot sooner! It took my piecemeal manual solution and provided a completely automated process that created a coherent on-boarding experience for my clients and freed up so much of my time.

Because this platform made such a big difference in my business, I want to share how I’ve implemented it at The Finance Agency and share ways it could be helpful in your business, too!


The automation starts right at the beginning of the client relationship. When a potential client books a discovery call through my website, they are required to complete an intake form that asks various questions, including name, business name, and contact information. Once booked, it’s immediately sent to our respective calendars. On my end, it also automatically creates a 'project' in Dubsado using the information from the intake form so I have everything I need in one place.


If you use Dubsado from day one of your business, they have a scheduling feature that allows clients to see free blocks of time within your schedule. I cannot comment on its functionality since I use Acuity and easily integrate it with Dubsado using Zapier.

Contracts and forms

Once the potential client and I have our discovery call, I customize a proposal in Dubsado tailored to their specific needs.

Each proposal is generated from a template, which I update based on their goals and allocate the correct pricing before sending it over to them. The Dubsado templates mean I don't need to recreate the wheel each time I send a new proposal.

Once the potential client selects and confirms the services they want, the following workflow kicks in:

- A contract is sent to the client.

- Upon signing, the first invoice is sent.

- After payment is sent, the client automatically receives an on-board email detailing next steps with a link to schedule for our first call.


Dubsado’s recurring invoice feature sends invoices automatically each month, which means payments are never delayed because I’m too busy to manually create and send invoices.

The system automatically sends a series of reminders two days, the day before, and the day after the due date if the invoice isn't paid. You can scale the reminders to be as frequent as you’d like!

If the prospect of cold and systematic automated reminders gives you the heebie jeebies, don’t worry! Dubsado allows you to fully customize each message so your client receives personalized reminders in line with your brand and tone.

You’ve probably heard the saying: work smarter not harder. Managing all the aspects of running a business takes a LOT of time and energy, but an investment into a system like Dubsado to improve efficiencies and automate systems will return your investment tenfold!

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