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Want confidence in your accounting system for FREE?

What is it?

Our Scorecard covers a review of the key areas of your accounting system:

  1. Data Validation: Verifying the accuracy of data

  2. Transaction Integrity:  Reviewing overall accuracy, completeness, and consistency of data. 

  3. Error Identification: Detecting data entry errors or discrepancies to maintain data integrity

  4. Reconciliation Accuracy: Ensuring that bank statements, ledgers, and other financial records reconcile accurately, minimizing discrepancies.

  5. Financial Health Rating: Providing a scorecard rating for your system's health.

Who is it for?

This is for the business owner

  • who knows their accounting system is incorrect but not sure how to start fixing it

  • have been doing their own bookkeeping and want a pair of expert eyes to validate the information

  • starting to grow and want to make sure their financial information is correct

  • want to get their system right from the start

What People Say

I knew my Quickbooks wasn't accurate but I had no idea what to do. Having The Finance Agency give their professional guidance on what I needed to do was the best step I could have done for my finances.

Ashley - Photographer

I was doing my own bookkeeping and I knew I was not using Quickbooks correctly and have been ignoring that feeling for a long time.  It was so helpful having experts look at the system and tell me what I was doing wrong and how to fix it!

Jennifer - Attorney

Accounting System Scorecard

  • Review key areas of data points of accounting system

  • Receive our TFA scorecard that rates each data point 

  • Recommendations on what you need to do to get your system up to date and accurate

The review gave me confidence in my numbers again!  The team made it less intimidating and answered all my questions.

Sandra - Business Consultant

I wanted to get better at keeping my Quickbooks up to date but wanted to start from a clean position.  The Finance Agency provided a break-down of what areas needed cleaning up to get up to date.

Morgan - Marketing Consultant

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