Understand what your financials mean
Keep your information up to date on a regular basis
Never worry about a tax payment
Have financial reporting to make smart decisions
Free up your time so you can focus on running your business
Build a profitable and sustainable business
Take home the money that you deserve
Have the support to keep you on track with your budget

The Innovator

Starting at $249 per month

This level is perfect if you're just starting out or need minimal assistance with your finances. It allows you to have a finance resource to ask questions and review your numbers each month, at an affordable price.

  • Month-end financial review

  • (1) 30 min monthly call

  • Email & text correspondence


Starting at $475 per month

Have a finance partner to support your business. To coach you on how to strategically manage your finances, gain insight to your business performance, and to keep you accountable to reach your goals.

  • Financial coaching & guidance

  • Tax planning & strategy

  • Budget tracking 

  • Financial review & reporting

  • (1) 45 min monthly call

  • Email & text correspondence

The Executive

Starting at $775 per month

The full works!  We will completely take over your financials.  From keeping your accounting system up-to-date, to managing your budget, to providing high level strategy and review, to ensure you are kept financially informed.  To guide you and your business to grow profitably, efficiently, and sustainably.

  • Bookkeeping

  • Financial coaching & guidance

  • Pricing analysis

  • Tax planning & strategy

  • Budget tracking & accountability

  • Financial review & reporting

  • (1) 60 min monthly call

  • Email & text correspondence

Min 6-month contract. Discount pay in full option


Financial Reconciliation
Internal Audit Review
Setting Up Accounting System
Budget Creation
Strategy Session
Book a call to discuss your needs in more depth!
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