The Entrepreneur's Guide to Tax Deductions

As an entrepreneur, you're entitled to tax deductions for your business. Knowing the rules can save you hundreds, if not thousands on what you owe.

As a small business owner, I know that tax season can be a stressful time. In addition to the day in and day out activities of running your business, you must devote time to gathering financials from the previous year and accounting for possible deductions. 

We created The Entrepreneurs’ Guide to Tax Deductions as an A-Z guide to help you understand deductions you’re eligible for, and how you can prepare for them year-round so January isn’t a scramble for information.

And the best part is, it's only $37 for life! It will be updated as and when changes so you will have the latest information available to you. It's also a tax deduction! 

The Entrepreneurs' Guide to Tax Deductions is just what I need! Click to download it now! 

  •  Are my social media advertisements eligible for deduction?

  • I work from home. How can I calculate my home office deduction? (We offer two options for this one with an easy to use calculator so you can work out how much your deduction should be with ease!)

  • Are haircuts and manicures deductible expenses?

  • I took a client out for a business lunch. Can I deduct this expense? 

"This new product from The Finance Agency is amazing! It is an absolute plethora of valuable information. The Entrepreneurs' Guide to Tax Deductions is incredibly comprehensive and easy to use. There were SO MANY items that I had no idea were tax deductible and this will save you so much money come tax season. I highly recommend investing in this product. You wont regret it!"

 - Scotty Cummings

“I have an accountant… How can The Entrepreneurs' Guide to Tax Deductions help me?”

Picture this: January rolls around and you’re gathering documents to hand over to your accountant. You supply all the information you deem relevant, and your accountant files your taxes according to the information provided. 


But an accountant’s only as good as the information they receive. They can only provide feedback on expenses already incurred.  

Use The Entrepreneurs’ Guide to Tax Deductions to be proactive in your spending. Would you spend $5k on

Being prepared for tax season all year long saves time AND money. Don’t miss out on a single deduction because you aren’t aware of the rules!

We can’t promise a stress-free tax season, but we can offer practical advice and easy-to-implement steps to lessen the amount you’ll owe. 


I’m ready to save money!

“If you’re an entrepreneur starting your business and need clarity around tax terms and necessary deductions look no further. Louise has created an informative, comprehensive guide that’s easy to understand. Consider it a  must-have, tax resource for your business.”


 - Ashley Logan

Download the Entrepreneurs' Guide to Deductions and get ahead on your 2020 taxes

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