The outsourced finance team for the creative, service-based business.

Do you get overwhelmed with your finances?

Do you worry about about taxes each year?

Are you running your business not really knowing your financial position?

Let us be your Finance Team

  • Bookkeeping - recording all your expenses into your accounting system

  • Reviewing your financials monthly

  • Providing direction and guidance to make sure you feel reassured in your business finances

  • Internal audit of process and system improvement

  • Make sure you are 100% ready for your CPA and taxes paid come tax season

  • Keeping you accountable to meet financial goals

We help you to:

Gain Time

Save Money



Work With Us



Setting up and reconciling your accounting system

Monthly CFO Services

Find out which of our monthly services fit your needs



Resources to help support your business finances

If all you need is a single session to get the direction and clarity you need to tackle a financial idea or dilemma then schedule a 1-hour strategy call

"I've worked with Louise throughout the past couple years to understand the finances of my business, and she helps to make the information digestible and easy to understand. I also appreciate that in some way, she also acts as a coach for me and holds me and my business accountable for our financial goals. The insight she provides is invaluable and is something you can't get from an accounting software. Thanks so much for your help Louise!"

Becca | Social Media Agency

Client Love


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